The RT10 Platinum Complete Kit

With this product, you receive an iPod pre-loaded with the Dairy SCC app, slides, & accessories -- just add milk!

This is the ideal solution for dairy farmers who don’t own an iPod Touch or iPhone.

The RT10 Platinum Complete includes:

  • The RT10 Platinum microscope device
  • iPod® Touch 6th Gen preloaded with the Dairy SCC app
  • 36 Dairy Quality testing slides
  • Possible Pathogen Indicator
  • Two-count image processing
  • Optically enhanced lens
  • Access to the data cloud and shareable aggregate results
  • Multi-language support
  • A shoulder bag for carrying the device
  • Instruction manual and warranty card


The Dairy SCC mobile application

The Dairy SCC mobile app is available for download on the Apple iPod touch 5 or 6, and iPhone 5 or 5s. Within seconds, the Dairy SCC evaluates the milk sample inserted into the RT10 Platinum device to evaluate the Somatic Cell Count (SCC) and display the pathogen image on your device. The image of your milk sample helps to identify the cause of high SCC readings, and allows you to take sample readings right down to the udder quarter. The app is designed to store and track the test results of your herd—filed by date and cow tag. Information can be sent from your device as reports, or the data can be uploaded to your existing herd management software. The Dairy SCC app requires no monthly fees or in-app purchases.