Benefits of Instant Testing

Get accurate SCC test results in seconds—not days

Mastitis is an inflammation of the mammary gland in a cow’s udder usually due to bacterial infection. And, it's a dairy farmer’s worst nightmare. 

Every farmer knows treating a sick cow or replacing it can be expensive and time-consuming.

Successfully preventing mastitis in a herd hinges entirely on early detection and treatment. 

That’s where the true value of Dairy Quality’s mobile microscope devices and the Dairy SCC mobile app for iPod Touch or iPhone comes into view.

Our technology will:

  • Test cow’s milk on the spot and get instant SCC results
  • Help you improve milk quality and production, protect premiums, and lower penalties
  • Help identify potential pathogens in individual cows down to the udder quarter
  • Effectively track trends in tests of bulk storage tanks
  • Use SCC Impact Reports to manage your bulk tank averages and reach your next premium by identifying the cows that have the biggest impact on your tank SCC
  • Help reduce the spread of mastitis throughout your herd, lower culling rates, and decrease sick cow treatment costs
  • Maintain more accurate information on your herd by sharing data in real-time via email or by electronic interface with your existing herd management software

Improve your bottom line and protect your herd.