Customer Testimonials

Read first-hand what farmers think of Dairy Quality devices and mobile apps

At Dairy Quality, helping conventional and organic dairy farmers succeed isn’t just a hollow pledge; it’s our mission and our raison d'être. It defines our purpose and directs us as we continuously strive to improve our technology so dairy farmers worldwide increase milk production, identify sick cows quickly, and keep their herds healthy.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our customers have to say about Dairy Quality’s products:

“We have really benefitted from using the RT10. We have been able to isolate cattle from our milking animals with high SCC counts until the mastitis was cleared up (identified as streptococcus). One animal we have not been able to clear, we are treating with ‘in teat’ antibiotics.

“I did 15 tests in June and July. This is our calving time now, and on two occasions we have been able to begin early treatment following a test on cows with their calves before the infections became serious, and possibly chronic.

“The beauty of the RT10 is that we are able to isolate infected cattle until we get them [healthy], which is quite amazing especially when there are no visible external indications of infection.”

– Gordon McKillop, The Nyangombe Project, Zambia

“The Dairy Quality SCC tester is a great tool. I use it on a regular basis to get cell counts. In about five minutes, you can have the results; no more waiting for three days. It is money well-spent.”

– Tom Rapes, Trir Farm, New Era, Michigan, USA

“I bought the unit two years ago and it has become a very important management tool on our farm. We can check any questionable cow, and have the information we need before the cow leaves the parlor, and milk goes into the tank.

“We use it when we bring fresh cows in the milking line, and are able to know their SCC status in less than a minute. We feel the unit has paid for itself in less than a year on the milk we saved and put in tank. If I want to look at the information in more detail, I simply design a report, and email my home computer. When I get home it is there ready to read and print.”

– James Wenger, Augusta Co., Staunton, Virginia, USA

“When a Dairy Health Inspector report shows a high SCC count, I test individual quarters. The RT10 device complements those monthly reports. I also find it very useful for herd replenishment. I can use it when purchasing cows to test the cow on the spot, or when I replenish the herd internally. The device is easy to use, and I have become so enamored with it, that I brought it along to one of my county milk producer meetings and did a couple of tests. Before I realized it, I had about a dozen farmers gathered around me asking questions about it.”

– Bruce Prentice, Genevieve Jerseys, Woodville, Ontario, Canada