dairy farmerAbout Dairy Quality Inc.

Helping dairy farmers keep their herds healthy and productive

Dairy Quality Inc. is an innovative technology company that provides conventional, organic, and commercial dairy farmers with an affordable and reliable way to conduct milk sample testing cow-side, in the milking parlor or shed, in the field, or at cattle auctions.

Our cutting-edge Dairy SCC mobile application for iPod Touch and iPhone, and the RT10 Platinum mobile microscope device, provides dairy farmers with an instant, accurate, and clear view of the somatic cell count (SCC) in milk samples, and the overall health of the cows in their herds.

The RT10 Platinum mobile microscope, Dairy SCC app, and slides are the fastest and most cost-effective way for conventional and organic dairy farmers, veterinarians, government and dairy hygiene inspectors, and biology academics focused on somatic cells and agricultural studies to monitor SCC counts via an iPod Touch or iPhone.