How It Works

Instantaneous, accurate SCC test results using your iPod Touch or iPhone

A Dairy Quality device gives you somatic cell count (SCC) testing right in the milking parlor, and anywhere else you need to check milk quality or the health of cows.

The devices work with an iPod Touch or iPhone to deliver test results. They provide SCC analysis and an image of cells in test samples in seconds, giving you the control to make quick decisions about your cow's health and its impact on your bulk tank more frequently. 

Using Dairy Quality’s technology is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Take a milk sample and load it into a Dairy Quality slide
  • Insert the slide into the device and the imaging technology scans the milk
  • An image of the sample is captured and analyzed by the Dairy SCC app
  • Results appear on the screen of your iPod Touch or iPhone in seconds

A Clear Visualization of Your Milk Samples

Dairy Quality devices provide instant and accurate SCC readings, and display an image of the actual milk sample showing the presence of somatic cells. Viewable on your iPod Touch or iPhone in seconds, the difference between a ‘good’ milk sample and a ‘problem’ milk sample is obvious.

It’s the cutting-edge Dairy SCC mobile app that makes all of this possible.

Unlike other devices which use techniques similar to those of in-line flow cytometers or other methods, our system derives the SCC by actually counting the cells. Our unique, patent-pending microscope and light technology, and complex programming make it happen. With a Dairy Quality device and slides, the Dairy SCC mobile app, and your iPod Touch or iPhone, determining the quality of your milk and the health of your herd has never been easier or more efficient.

Identifying the Cause of High SCC Readings

When troubleshooting a herd with an SCC problem, you need to quickly determine what is causing stubbornly high SCC readings, and how to remedy the situation quickly to avert significant financial loss.

By observing the behavior of cells in your collected samples, a Dairy Quality device can help identify the possible cause of high SCC readings by segregating and highlighting which pathogens are most prominent in a test sample. That gives farmers the information they need to evaluate and treat sick cows.

What is Dairy SCC?

Dairy SCC for iPod Touch and iPhone is Dairy Quality’s innovative app that analyzes SCC readings. It works in tandem with the mobile microscopic device.

It has features to help store and track the test results of your herd, and the dates and results are stored by cow tag. Information can be sent from the iPod Touch or iPhone as reports, or the data can be used with your existing herd management software.

To make this pioneering dairy farmer’s app even easier to use, cow herd tables from other programs can be imported directly into Dairy SCC.

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